Home Improvement

Home Improvements for the family
Does your family need some work?

Your family may be a new construction, a fixer-upper or just needing some minor improvements, but we invite you to listen and find some Biblical helps for your home.
Click on the titles to go to the individual sermon pages:
February 4 – “The Perfect Marriage?
You may know someone who has a “perfect marriage,” but do they really? Is there such a thing? What is the secret of two people joining together to make a truly happy home?
February 11 – “Match Made in Heaven?
Doesn’t it seem like some marriages were just blessed from the start? What is the deal? How can my marriage seem like that?
February 18 – “Then Come the Children
Children do dynamically impact the home! Must the martial relationship suffer? And what do we do with these kids?
February 25 – “The Heart of the Problem
Where do marital and other family problems come from?

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