Still Hymns

Have you noticed that church just doesn’t sound like church anymore? The latest music
trends rule the pew and no one really knows where that will stop. Isn’t it amazing how rock stations
can make it promoting the oldies, but the modern church is now scared of the hymns? Even the
oldies stations want the music pure, but if today’s church includes a hymn, it has to be reworked in
modern rock to be accepted. We still believe the hymn is the most truthful and exciting form of
music used in the church. Where it is appreciated, it is not boring. Even the hymnal is alive and
well. Public schools know that if you want the most learning and participation, give the kids a book.
Don’t get us wrong. We love new music and we like it to be loud. We just enjoy the volume coming
from the congregation rather than from the guitar speaker. Come rediscover the excitement from
the hymns.

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