Teaching on Marriage

Heritage Baptist Church is a place for families to be strengthened

Since the beginning of Heritage Baptist Church, we have sought to emphasize strong marriages and strong families as a foundation for the church that God was building. Practical teaching on the home is a regular feature of our pulpit ministry. As we emphasize the home this month, I thought it would be beneficial to make these messages from a couple years ago available again. If God is working in your home and you are thirsty for more instruction, you have come to the right place. Below you will find a list of messages, preached as a Sunday night series to strengthen several “newly weds” and young families that had begun to attend Heritage. Whether you download and listen as you drive, play them in the background while you perform household chores, or sit and focus on what the Word of God says, I trust these messages will be a blessing to your home!

  1. Understanding Marriage
  2. Avoiding Divorce
  3. The Wife’s Role
  4. The Husband’s Duties Part 1
  5. The Husband’s Duties Part 2
  6. Becoming One
  7. Loving Leadership
  8. Dealing with Sin

Keep a look out as we plan to post a series of messages on child-training in a week or so!

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